Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 + 0 = 20 !!! : )

And I changed the prefix! It's a nice number, although I didn't want to reach it at all. Because I felt like I was getting old :O. :)) But it's not like that. I feel really good about this. It's a nice number 20. A cool one :P. My mum baked me a cake. They wanted me to blow in 20 candles, but we hadn't and I said "No, it's ok". But then I remembered what Pookie told me when she called me to tell me "Happy B-day!": to think about ONE wish and then blow the candles off. And I have wanted to blow off the candles just to whisper a wish, so I can be sure it will come true. :)) But I know it will become true even though. :P I will whisper another one at the New Years Eve! ;-)

My grandma tells me every year that every Christmas morning she watches the religious service live from Bucharest and at the end the pope is talking about all the "Cristina"s and "Cristian"s. These names are coming from Jesus Christ. And she is always thinking about me and cries. And she cries while is telling me all this. My name was supposed to be "Anca Ioana", but as I was born on Christmas Day, my dad decided that Cristina is the proper name for me.

I hope I will celebrate my B-day in Cluj. Because there I have most of my friends. Lots of things happened lately... More to come.

I was just telling Roxi that before LCC I told myself that depends a lot my spirit and mood through the Holidays if I will be elected or not as an OD. And I wasn't. BUT my Holidays are not shitty at all !!! Contrary I felt them in a very good way. Helping my preferred grandma to bake lots of "cozonaci" (14) :P and going to carol with my fellows from highschool was incredible. I was really happy to see them all. I told to a really good friend, Alex from Brasov, who is in Sweden right now, that I cannot imagine Christmas without being at home close to my family.

I hope this lovely 20 will bring me even lovelier adventures for the next year!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Dey

This is Dey.

I am grateful for... having this picture and having Ela in a 2 hour conversation phone call.

Thank you very much for your comment Dey!!!

Next posts will be in a month from now, cuz I have a really important Application Form to fill in and an LCC waiting for me and a fire week. And I really need to get prepared!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am GRATEFUL for...

  • Meeting Dey, our chair at LDS track 08. I cannot imagine how our LDS was without him. I think he's one of the persons that you have the chance to meet once in a lifetime, but still believing that it's not just once. And I truly believe that. I know I'll meet him again sooner that I think. It's hard to write about Dey. You can write non-stop and still you have something to say about him.
  • NPS 08. My first NPS. I got there with really high expectations and in the first days I was crying, because the expectations weren't accomplished yet and people around me weren't helping at all. But yet, the people from there amazed me and over-commed my expectations. It sounds like a cliche, but it's all about people.
  • Meeting and chatting with Meto. A guy that made me feel so comfortable, so I wake up sharing about my hard moments at NPS, while all the plenary was listening. That was the moment when my NPS started to SHINE.
  • Sharing some special moments with Claudiu from AIESEC BRASOV. We connected really well. Thank you for everything and for helping me to find my place there, when I couldn't.
  • And so many people that made my first NPS eXPerience, a memorable one. I will write another post about the others, cuz 2 hours ago I got home, after 14 hours spent on the road from Amara to Cluj. I am so f*cking tired, but I thought I would be selfish I didn't share all this with you.

From now on in every single post the last statement would be: "I am GRATEFUL for..."

I am also GRATEFUL for having Malina at my first interview in AIESEC, where I sucked, but still she believed in me, so she has given the chance to me to live this ... adventure called AIESEC. I was so happy when I saw her in the movie from the opening plenary.

This one is for Dey,
Love you,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bucegi & Conferences

Bolboci Lake

Bolboci Lake- diffrent perspectives

Last night- singing "Mai vreau o data" near the fire

Ialomita Waterfall

Ialomita Fall

The "Babe"

ITTT- Me and my favorite Austrian- Stefan

Borge- THE "awesome" chair or "our chair"

Above Brasov

Us and the Black Church

Our Treasure Hunt team :)

Feeling the vibes of delivering trainings...


Coolest room mate :) - Rock Me 2008, Las Voineasa


...Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about "all this" now...

Oasis - Wonderwall. This is what i am listening to right now, and i can't get enough of it, so it's on repeat. :) I haven't written on my blog since 3-4 months... i wanted to post a video, 2 months ago, but i couldn't...:( it was the trailer for Madagascar 2- Escape 2 Africa, you can find it here. It's going to be released in November.

I had a great full summer. And i got my driving license, too. Thanks to my sister. I attended at 3 conferences, hiked on Bucegi Mountains, visited Brittany- France, my friends from Brasov and 1 day trip at Sighisoara and then, Paltinis. It was AWESOME meeting so many interesting people from all over the world and visiting so many places! The only thing that is not so awesome is to pack and unpack your luggage so many times.

Now i'm back in Cluj, which i've missed so much, and my freedom from here :D. And my life that i've started1 year ago. And the AIESEC spirit. It's a crowded period for each of us. I am going to be Induction Driver. I cannot wait for that and start delivering some trainings. Here are some pieces from the biiiiiiiiig puzzle called "My 2008 summer"...

Brittany Museum- Rennes

The Beach from St Malo

The sunset in St Malo, Me and my sis

A 16 girl that impressed me so much- Margueritta :)

reaching to "Le Mont Saint Michel"

Last picture in Saint Malo :(

Last night in Rennes& France. The Romanian Delegation

More pics on facebook :P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fest Fest Fest [Part One]

I'm on holiday!!! It feels so f*cking goooood!

This post it's about what i like the most! FESTIVALS!!!! Doesn't matter if it's a Theater, or a Film, or Medieval, or one like Peninsula... These Festivals are the shit!!!

Why? Cuz...That atmosphere where you have the chance to watch some movies before they are released or some international plays(which you don't have the chance to see them if it wasn't for the Festival) the real stars that you can see on the big screen (not in the tabloids) or the passioned actors that are playing all these plays, is really cool. I would like to be an actress or a singer just for participating at these Festivals, where i can meet people like me -culturally sensitive- from all over the world and to feel the unique emotions up on the stage. That emotions are more than unique... I used to be an "actress" for 2 years...high school period. Lovely period... :D

And now some memories from the Festivals that i attended...
  • FITS(Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu aka The International Theater Festival from Sibiu)...It's the third Theater Festival as importance from Europe.It is where i got the chance to be a volunteer for the first time...back in 2006. We were 3 girls, who were the guide for a Theater group from Poland(Theatr A). But the coolest thing was the Club Festival. Every year during the FITS, late in the night, when all the plays are ending everyone who participates at this Festival (actors, volunteers, technicians, organnisators and so on) are gathering up in the inner yard from the Radu Stanca National Theater. There you can drink beer, taste "the mici", sit and talk and... DANCE. There it doesn't matter if you are just a 16, 17 or 18 volunteer, or an actor with a lot of prizes, a Romanian or a Japanese, a Jewish or a Catholic. It's the perfect place where you can spend some time in a warm night of May. I'm really sorry that the 2007 edition for FITS i kind of missed it out, cuz of the BAC. But i'm really happy that i didn't missed the Club Festival in 2008 where we danced Zorba in the rain (if at The New Year's Eve i danced Zorba in the middle of the street, where the fluffy snow had 10 centimeters, in May i danced Zorba in the rain... IT WAS GREAT!!! just TRY it!).
  • ANONIMUL. Independent Film Festival. Danube Delta, Sfantul Gheorghe, August 2007. It was an amazing experience attending to this festival. The location is more than perfect. Everyone heard about the unique landscapes from the Danube Delta, actually if you see those landscapes and explore them you figure out you want to take that picture with you everywhere you go, like the sea picture...:) The wish to come back there is invading your soul as soon as you get there. We (me and my sister) were supposed to go there with some friends from Brasov, but on the way to paradise we met some really cool "bucuresteni" , because it is a long way, not everyone is going there, only nice young people, mainly from Transylvania :D. I can write a novel about 5 days spent there. The festival it is like this: if you don't want to go to the smoothest beach in the middle of the day you can watch some movies at the cinema. If you want to go to the beach and swim in the Black Sea you can watch all the movies all night long outside on a huge screen. California Dreamin` (endless) was the winner of the ANONIMUL Trophy Fifth Edition, August 2007. I was soooo happy, cuz it's an awesome movie.
  • TIFF(Transylvania International Film Festival).Festival. Film Festival. The 2008 Edition i got the chance to see it right from Cluj-Napoca and the theme was the 007 Bond.James Bond. known also in the 'mioritic' space as "Junior.Piersic Junior":) and other 6 actors because it was the 7th edition. I'm sorry i wasn't a volunteer, to be more involved in this festival. Last year i saw 432 and California Dreamin` before they were released in cinemas in Sibiu, the edition from Sibiu. In 2008 Crossing Dates aka Intalniri Incrucisate was the movie that impressed me the most.
That's it for this part of . More to come...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


NU AM CHEF!!! invat:)) maine am primul examen si sunt nu pluta, ci bata. Si ma macina constiinta de numa! Acum stau si astept sa intre surioara mea draga pe net sa vorbim un pic si am zis ca de ce sa nu postez pe blog daca tot pierd vremea?! Mi-e atat de dor de ea... Cu riscu de a ma repeta: ea e singura persoana/lucru dupa care am intors capul cand am plecat din Sibiu. Sunt prea multe de spus despre ea asa ca o sa poestez un articol intreg intitulat "Ana"-ce nume simplu... :)

Am promis ca revin cu poze de la TRIX, dar nu am putut da de DVD-ul ala plin de poze nicicum.
Vineri am iesit in Seven...asa fain m-am distrat cu Iulia, Andra, Gik, Harla si... Oytun... My dearest trainee. Mi-era dor de fostii mei colegi. Oytun o zis ca sunt de treaba.

VST-Vreau sa ma trezesc pe 24 iunie cu toate examenele luate si gata de distractie si nimic mai mult... Nu stiu ce am cu melodiile de la Vama Veche...pur si simplu mi-or venit in minte. Multa bafta tuturor celor care citesc postu asta si care au examene in perioada asta faina ca si vreme, numa buna de mers la strand sau la Ocna Sibiului, nu de stat prin casa, biblioteci sau mai stiu io pe unde si tocit. ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Somn...Somewhere over the rainbow

mi-e somn... :) atat de multe s-au intamplat in ultima vreme... in ultimu post tin minte ca am scris despre multe lucruri ce se vor intampla... din pacate nu toate s-au adeverit. am fost in Chill, dar nu era ca pe vremuri, de fapt era, dar nu ma simteam io la fel si asta din cauza ca poate m-am maturizat PUTIN. :) 1 mai m-a prins exact in Sibiu :)), dar nu oricum la un gratar si dupa am fost la palasare la FAUST.mi-era dor de agitatia dinaintea spectacolului, de unii din gasca voluntarilor 2007 si de TOMO pe care nu am apucat sa-l vad :(.

Revenind in Cluj, de care mi-era dooooor am constatat ca locul meu e aici. Si asta din cauza AIESEC Cluj Napoca, iar cand aud aceste cuvinte inima imi salta, ochii imi sclipesc si entuziasmul care ma cuprinde e de nedescris.


A inceput compromitator... in sensu ca era sa raman in Cluj, dar mi-am dat seama ca cineva acolo sus ma iubeste si nu numai acolo sus, astfel incat trenu o data pornit...a oprit sa ia o mioara ratacita care a ajuns prea tarziu la gara. O conferinta de neuitat!!! Un chair de milioane! Pentru mine a fost mai mult decat o conferinta motivationala, a fost una care m-a facut sa-mi dau seama cat de mult imi doresc EB life anu' viitor.Pana acum mi-era teama s-o spun, acum nu-mi mai e. Am avut sansa sa interactionez cu ceva membri noi si sa consolidez relatiile cu ceilalti mai batrani. Take-over-ul a fost atat de fain...Si cu asta cred ca am spus tot. Sunt INTERMEDIAR!!!! nu credeam ca pot trece "testul":)) , dar l-am trecut cu BRIO!!! :)) Pentru cei care nu stiu despre ce vorbesc, please approach me later!;)

Aseara am fost chair la LCM. Ma mir ca nu am avut emotii! A fost suuuper fain! mi-ar fi placut sa fie mai multa lume, dar se simte ca se apropie sesiunea(OMG!!!) Despre "prestatia" mea ce pot sa spun?!...a fost ok, dar putea fi mult mai bine!!!! Am primit feed-back-uri foarte dragute :D. Mersi Alec!

Ma asteapta multe chestii in perioada urmatoare! Abia astept sa se termine sesiunea si dupa sa ma avant in vaaaara.

Atat de multe am de facut vara cat de lungaaaa pare, mie nu-mi ajunge pentru cate vreau sa fac, dar in AIESEC am invatat sa-mi prioritizez lucrurile pe care vreau sa le fac:))

P.S. Promit sa revin cu ceva poze de la cea mai tare conferinta ever!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

white & black

de ce white & black? hmmm...pai multe lucruri faine si mai putin faine mi s-au intamplat in ultima vreme. Am fost la Bucuresti(my love:) ) unde m-am distrat SUPER TARE. M-am dus de nebuna cu avionu:)). Wizz rules!(Cluj- Bucuresti ->25 de lei) A fost misto, desi nu a fost prima oara cand am zburaaaaaaaaaaaaat. E o senzatie asa de faina!!! am stat 6 zile in care m-am plimbat, am incercat sa inregistrez o emisiune la radio, am cunoscut lume noua si faina, am cutreierat aproape toate parcurile in lung si-n lat, am fost in club, m-am intalnit cu cineva pe care nu-l mai vazusem de 3 ani:)), desi vorbim la telefon des, am stat in camin, am fost in regie:D, m-am intalnit cu persoane pe care in Sibiu nu le vad, da in Bucuresti da(that's really cool), am fost la motoare ;), am ales tot timpu calea mai lunga pentru a ajunge undeva(si asta nu din cauza ca nu stiam calea cea scurta, but i've taken my time), am stat o noapte intrega sa-mi scriu o aplicare, m-am amuzat de prostia unor bucuresteni, am mers o statie in plus la metrou ai o trebuit sa ma intorc, si nu in ultimul rand am murit de cald. I felt young and free, free to discover an awesome world that Bucharest has. And I felt good when I told my dad that i'm walking in a shopping mall(he didn't know in which city was the mall:)) ). Am plecat sa ma regasesc si nu stiu daca am reusit, dar de un lucru sunt sigura m-am distrat and I felt so fucking good. I've just enjoyed every moment with me and myself!

Nu m-am intors bine de la Bucuesti si am plecat spre cea mai tare aventura impreuna cu multi oameni dragi mie, AIESECers :D. Unde? La Poiana Zanelor, Bistrita. E la mama zmeului Poiana Zanelor, dar si cand ajungi acolo iti dai seama ca a meritat sa treci prin Nasaud (Oh my God!!... "oras" si "oraseni" ca astea mai rar), sa astepti vreo jumate de ora pe unii consateni rataciti, sa cauti alta jumatate de ora :). A fost o conferinta de neuitat pentru toti care am fost acolo si am stiut sa exploatam acele 4 zile la maxim. Pool party, fire camp, singing in the rain, drinking visinata, full of trainees, great sessions, coolest roll-calls, waking up some people at 5 a.m. and so on. The things that matter to me right now are the friends that i've made there, the unforgettable feelings and our enthusiasm when we shouted <3some GN1>. Pur si simplu am uitat de probelemele cu viza, de testele de la care am lipsit de la scoala, practic de tot(pentru ca nu prea aveam semnal-foarte tare!!!). ONE GREAT EXPERIENCE :D

Acum sunt acasa si sunt mandra ca am facut 12 cozonaci, impreuna cu buni mea draga, care asteapta sa fie infulecati de catre stropitori ;). Duminica ne intalnim tot Lazaru si nu numai in Chill Out - Retro Party, iar luni asteptam sa vedem daca ramanem sau nu cu acei cozonaci de care pomeneam mai devreme.
Si poate poate 1 mai ne prinde in VAMAAAAAA :D. Till then, Enjoy the Easter, the bunny full of presents, the dorb & pasti, the cioc-cioc cu ouale rosii and your family, of course!

P.S. Imi cer scuze pentru acest post bilingv!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


:) cum a inceput totul
wow...I've took the gods to start my own blog...after reading loooooooooots of blogs
I guess i have to thank Ilinca for the courage:) "Do something that scares you" that was her status...and then I've read what she posted on her blog .
This is so funny...:)
Why is writing a blog something that scares me?
Because it is hard for me to express some of my feelings and in the same time to know that many people are aware of all this. Lately I've started writing some "memories", but no one except me can see that :P... I remember that I wasn't comfortable to write in a jurnal...although once I wrote something in a note-book and now when I read that I smile.
What should I post for the first time? You know how they say the first time it's always difficult and strange:)) I had so many things in my mind...but now those many things are gone :( but those things are the subjects for some other posts ;) Enjoy your life! [copyright from my biology teacher that I hated :))]