Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Dey

This is Dey.

I am grateful for... having this picture and having Ela in a 2 hour conversation phone call.

Thank you very much for your comment Dey!!!

Next posts will be in a month from now, cuz I have a really important Application Form to fill in and an LCC waiting for me and a fire week. And I really need to get prepared!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am GRATEFUL for...

  • Meeting Dey, our chair at LDS track 08. I cannot imagine how our LDS was without him. I think he's one of the persons that you have the chance to meet once in a lifetime, but still believing that it's not just once. And I truly believe that. I know I'll meet him again sooner that I think. It's hard to write about Dey. You can write non-stop and still you have something to say about him.
  • NPS 08. My first NPS. I got there with really high expectations and in the first days I was crying, because the expectations weren't accomplished yet and people around me weren't helping at all. But yet, the people from there amazed me and over-commed my expectations. It sounds like a cliche, but it's all about people.
  • Meeting and chatting with Meto. A guy that made me feel so comfortable, so I wake up sharing about my hard moments at NPS, while all the plenary was listening. That was the moment when my NPS started to SHINE.
  • Sharing some special moments with Claudiu from AIESEC BRASOV. We connected really well. Thank you for everything and for helping me to find my place there, when I couldn't.
  • And so many people that made my first NPS eXPerience, a memorable one. I will write another post about the others, cuz 2 hours ago I got home, after 14 hours spent on the road from Amara to Cluj. I am so f*cking tired, but I thought I would be selfish I didn't share all this with you.

From now on in every single post the last statement would be: "I am GRATEFUL for..."

I am also GRATEFUL for having Malina at my first interview in AIESEC, where I sucked, but still she believed in me, so she has given the chance to me to live this ... adventure called AIESEC. I was so happy when I saw her in the movie from the opening plenary.

This one is for Dey,
Love you,