Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 + 0 = 20 !!! : )

And I changed the prefix! It's a nice number, although I didn't want to reach it at all. Because I felt like I was getting old :O. :)) But it's not like that. I feel really good about this. It's a nice number 20. A cool one :P. My mum baked me a cake. They wanted me to blow in 20 candles, but we hadn't and I said "No, it's ok". But then I remembered what Pookie told me when she called me to tell me "Happy B-day!": to think about ONE wish and then blow the candles off. And I have wanted to blow off the candles just to whisper a wish, so I can be sure it will come true. :)) But I know it will become true even though. :P I will whisper another one at the New Years Eve! ;-)

My grandma tells me every year that every Christmas morning she watches the religious service live from Bucharest and at the end the pope is talking about all the "Cristina"s and "Cristian"s. These names are coming from Jesus Christ. And she is always thinking about me and cries. And she cries while is telling me all this. My name was supposed to be "Anca Ioana", but as I was born on Christmas Day, my dad decided that Cristina is the proper name for me.

I hope I will celebrate my B-day in Cluj. Because there I have most of my friends. Lots of things happened lately... More to come.

I was just telling Roxi that before LCC I told myself that depends a lot my spirit and mood through the Holidays if I will be elected or not as an OD. And I wasn't. BUT my Holidays are not shitty at all !!! Contrary I felt them in a very good way. Helping my preferred grandma to bake lots of "cozonaci" (14) :P and going to carol with my fellows from highschool was incredible. I was really happy to see them all. I told to a really good friend, Alex from Brasov, who is in Sweden right now, that I cannot imagine Christmas without being at home close to my family.

I hope this lovely 20 will bring me even lovelier adventures for the next year!