Thursday, September 3, 2009

Speaking Egyptian?!

In my last post I was talking something about Egypt... Yes I was in the country I always dreamed to visit and stayed there for 5 weeks. My parents were a little bit scarred about me going alone in a totally different world, a muslim country, a culture that it takes some time to understand /adapt to it. But still they know that even though I like the adventure, I can manage myself. And I did. I am proud of myself. It was more than challenging, but AWESOME in the same time.

Although I don't like to regret the things I've done, I do regret one thing. Not appreciating the experience at its level. I left myslef affected by some things I could pass over, if maybe I have had attended an ICPS. I understood its importance then. As Silviutza says I adapt really fast to places, but not people. It's true. Unfortunately. But improving, improving.

Now let me note the Egyptian words I learned. :D

I will start with no other than...

  • Khalas - Enough
  • Misr - Egypt
  • Salam Alekum - Peace be with you
  • Alekum Salam
  • Meshy - Ok
  • Aiwa - Yes
  • La'ah - No
  • Deluatti - Now
  • Shukran - Thanks
  • Flus - Money
  • Habibty - Baby/ Honey
  • Ya Moora - Cuttie
  • Ya Moozza - Hottie
  • Wahed - 1
  • Hamsa - 5 (I forgot the other numbers)
  • Aha (A7a) - Fuck Off! (that's the only curse I know and it's very offensive to say it in public!)
  • Helwa - Pretty
  • Ya Raab - Oh God
  • Wallah - I swear to God
  • Inshallah (ISA) - With the Help of God
  • El Hambdidulallah - Thanks God
  • Yalla - Let's Go! / Come
  • Ramadan Kareem - Happy Ramadan!

I think it's Khallas. I will post more if I will remember.

More facts about the Egyptian Flavour...Tomorrow!


stefanutzx said...

eu cred ca e halas :P
iarta-ma tyna iarta-ma

Tyna said...


miss u bitch!