Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The art of never giving up"

I believe life without challenges would be boring. I cannot imagine myself living a perfect life when I don't have nothing to strive for.

Therefore every time, if you're "lucky" (sometimes you're nothing but lucky) to live on the edge, you have something to strive for. It depends on each situation how long the process of acheiving that thing is. But it also depends on how much you really WANT it. And this one can be reflected in the period of time spent for each achievement. Of course, the external factors are part of the process.

Speaking about the external factors... Those big pains in the ass that are prolonging the achievement process, that can diminish your inner "I so want it!" strenght. And sometimes, believe it or not, some of these external factors are... people. And it's kinda sad. But even so, you and only YOU, are in controll of your inner "I so want it!" strenght.

I don't believe in motivation that much. I believe it all comes from yourself, from within, as you are in controll of this. Yes you loose your "Let's do it!" spirit and positive attitude, but that shouldn't stop you from doing the actions/steps you planned towards the things you strive for.

This equation is all about karma. What goes around, comes around! Trust me! Even if the "comes around" is late sometimes, you figure it out, it was worth waiting.

This is how I got selected in the CC of IC 2010. Yes, the 2010 one! :D And YES, this is my "strategy" for getting the money and the visa to acctually fly to Incredible India and live, maybe the most exciting experience of my life. We are 27 nationalities in a team of 60 people. This conference is all about big numbers (700 delegates, 110 countries, 60 partners, 2010, 2015 etc.).

I am proud I got here and I am not going to give up now.