Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Story I

My 2012 was sooooo... I can't even put a label on it. It was full of ups and downs and ups and downs downs downs and again ups. :) It was a year full of learning points. And yes... You learn the most from the "downs". I'll get back to the learning points.

It started with me being responsible for bringing people from 110 countries in Hungary for a conference. The pressure was so high, as everyone worked so hard for it and imagining a conference with no delegates, because they did not get the visa, was my nightmare. Meanwhile I was having my exams in 2 weeks, while being online all the time with my team in Hungary. It was a crazy period and then the conference began, where everything happened super fast. The conference ended and it left me with a big question mark "What now?".

I lived the expat life in Budapest afterwards. Going out, birthdays, good-byes, travelling, etc. It was cool, but the pressure of not finding someone for the room I was renting was terrible. I sorted that out somehow and I was back in Romania, where I had only one thing: my Masters. Therefore I was travelling almost every week to Cluj to go for classes and while looking for something to do. I wanted a job in Cluj at the beginning, but I wasn't sure about that.

I went with my printed CVs at a Career Fair and met there some AIESECers, of course. One just told me there is an available HR position in an IT company and in one hour I had the interview already. Once again it was proven to me the power of the AIESEC network. The interview was cool, but I didn't know exactly how things will turn out.

The answer for the interview was not showing up and I decided that I will not put my life on hold for a simple "YES/NO" answer, which could have changed everything, but still I hated the fact that my life depends on a simple answer. So I just went on with the plans I had: being a volunteer for the Film Festival was one of them. I had a good time there and I am happy I made that decision.

During the Film Festival I realized I still want to do something in AIESEC and so I started to write an application. It's the way you start everything in AIESEC. In 2009 in Portugal I met someone that was working for an AIESEC Expansion. I felt so inspired by that person that had the ambition to start AIESEC in a new country, to put another country on the AIESEC map, the impact this ambition would have. I don't know if he remembers me from that moment, but it was really cool to see Daudo and his team-mate (I think Marco was his name) in the ISCTE Uni cafeteria planning to make AIESEC Mozambique happen.

Since then I had this in my mind that opening a new AIESEC country would be such an amazing opportunity. Since I wanted to stick to Europe, because I have have my cultural experience outside Europe before, the European countries AIESEC was expanding were: Luxembourg and Albania. I had the impression that in Albania, AIESEC would have a bigger impact, so I chose to apply for the Expansion Team of AIESEC Albania. And I was selected. And if I would have taken the HR position in that IT company I would have still gone for Albania.

Then I had my exam session which turned out to be the best one in years, according to my grades. Then, summer came by and I spent most of it at home. It was cool, because I got the chance to enjoy my grandma's garden and its fruits and vegetables and spending time with my family. I also got the chance to chair a local conference of AIESEC Sibiu. It was such a cool experience, even though it was a small conference, I felt AIESEC Sibiu being a true family. I remember during the parties being on skype with Ersida, helping her to raise her EP Form. Even though I was exhausted, it just felt right to do that late at night. I didn't know then that Ersida will be the first realized EP of AIESEC Albania, the first AIESEC Albania member that will experience a new opportunity abroad.

At the end of the summer things started to become a bit more crazy. Everything was in a rush. I went with my family for a 5 days vacation in my beloved Istanbul. It was amazing to be there again after 2 years, but it wasn't the same without my crazy Kurtulusians. We went for one day at the Bulgarian Black Sea, where I had a very good time. I love the sea. I so love it!  Coming back home, I had few days before hitting the road again to Albania for a longer period this time. Unfortunately my grandpa got very sick and he had the first of the 3 surgeries he had in 2.5 months. I postponed my departure for few days, so I can be with my family a bit more. Before leaving I had such a soul-storm, but I was lucky that my parents supported me to deliver on the commitment I took.

That would be it for the first part of my 2012 story.

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